"Maybe the easiest fix on the wall for your vinyl collection"

Simple & Easy

Twelve inch is an easy to use gadget to post your favorite Vinyl Album Covers on your wall.

It works with magnetic pull force and you do not need any frames or shelfs to keep your albums on display.

All you need to do is to fix the disc (magnet) on the wall with the included screw or by other methods (adhesive).

Next, you slip the circular magnetic sheet inside the cover behind the vinyl record.

Then you slide the cover on top of the magnet and it will stick to the wall.

Now you can easily and quickly change your covers to build another theme of albums, whatever your mood dictates.

Watch how in our video


We aim to conquer the world, so you can get your hands on our Twelve inch sticky disc as near to you as possible, or if it is more convenient for you, on the internet, shipped directly to you.

Look in your vinyl shop and ask them. If they do not have it, ask them to get it! - or drop us an email and ask us to get in contact with your favourite vinyl shop.

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